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Spirent/netcom wn-3445A wan DS3,frame elay/ppp,1-port.

What is for sale: Spirent/netcom wn-3445A wan DS3,frame elay/ppp,1-port.

Spirent/Netcom WN-3445A WAN DS3,Frame elay/PPP,1-port,SmartMetrics SmartCard. It Supports T1/E1/DS3 interfaces. It's Channelized to NxDSOs up to full T1/E1/DS3 rates. Supports IGMP V2 protocol. Provides clear channel DS3 support.Maximum rates may vary depending on frame size and the number of channels configured. Provides full line-rate traffic generation and analysis. Supports layer 2 and layer 3 testing. Supports Frame elay and PPP protocols. Supports RFC 1490 for IP encapsulation over Frame elay and RFC 1662 for IP encapsulation over PPP. Supports Frame elay LMI,Annex A,or Annex D link management protocols. Supports up to 1,023 Frame elay PVCs per card. Supports PAP and CHAP authentication,and Microsoft CHAP. Supports one LMI or PPP session per channel. Supports up to 2,048 IP,UDP,or custom streams per card. Supports up to 64K flows per stream. The following SmartBits SmartMetrics tests are supported between the WN-34xx and other SmartMetrics cards: Sequence Tracking - Latency per Stream - Latency over Time - Raw Tags - Sequence plus Latency. It requires two slots in an SMB-200/2000 chassis.
Latency Measurements - The WN-34xx can perform layer 2 latency measurements using the trigger mechanism. This test may be run between the WN-34xx and all SmartBits SmartCards. For Layer 3 latency tests, the WN-34xx inter-operates with other WN-34xx SmartCards and with most other SmartCards by using the transmit time signature field. This test provides 2-byte time resolution with granularity of 100 nanoseconds. - These Layer 3 test types are offered: Sequence Tracking plus Latency, Latency Over Time, Latency Distribution, and Raw Packet Tags.
All Items sell with 5 days right of return, and 15 days GUARANTEE on all parts and labor.
If in order to comply with our guarantee, we need to refund your money, you will get a FULL refund for the price of the unit...
If you need to make use of the 15 days Guarantee - We will fix, or replace, your unit. In case every attempt to fix or replace it fails, we’ll refund your money.
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Spirent/netcom wn-3445A wan DS3,frame elay/ppp,1-port. Spirent/netcom wn-3445A wan DS3,frame elay/ppp,1-port.