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Delta 22-450 20" 5HP 3PH planer

What is for sale: Delta 22-450 20" 5HP 3PH planer

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This is the Brand New in the Box w/ 2 year warranty
The 22-450 includes Three Phase, 5 HP motor with magnetic motor starter and automatic reset overload protection, three-knife cutterhead, sectional serrated infeed roll, double bed rollers, polyurethane outfeed roll, sectional chip-breakers, dust chute, knife-setting gauge, wrench.
* Up-front controls include a handy lever for instantly engaging and disengaging feed rolls and push-button on/off switch.
* Large precision-ground table contains two adjustable bed rolls for smooth feeding of uneven stock.
* Sectional serrated steel infeed roller with sectional chip breakers for planing uneven stock.
* Motor: 3 Phase, 5 HP 220/440V (wired 220V), 60 hz
* Motor Control: 24V, low voltage magnetic control
* Minimum Thickness Capacity: 11/16" (4 mm)
* Max. Width of Stock: 20" max. (508 mm)
* Max. Thickness of Stock: 8-5/8" (219 mm)
* Min. Length of Stock: 9" (229 mm)
* Max. Depth of Cut: 3/16" max. (5 mm)
* Planing Width: 20" max. (508 mm)
* Cutterhead Diameter: 3-1/8" (79 mm)
* Cutterhead Speed: 5,000 RPM: 15,000 CPM
* Feed Rate: 20/30 FPM (6/9.1 MPM)
* Infeed Rolls: Sectional Serrated: 3" dia. (76 mm)
* Outfeed Rolls: Polyurethane: 2-3/8" dia. (60 mm)
* Table Size: 22" X 28" (559 x 711 mm)
* Chip Chute Opening: 6" O.D. Standard (152 mm)
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