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3/16" kydex t parchment 48" x 64" sheet

What is for sale: 3/16" kydex t parchment 48" x 64" sheet

.187 (3/16) Kydex T Parchment Sheet
Kydex T is a proprietary acrylic/PVC thermoplastic sheet that is cost competitive with fire retardant ABS/PVC (FR-ABS) formulations but with significantly higher impact strength and extensibility. Unlike FR-ABS, because Kydex T is less hygroscopic, Kydex T typically does not require pre-drying; offers superior impact resistance (15 ft-lbs/in); more uniform forming with less wall thinning; and offers significantly greater resistance to a broad range of corrosive chemicals and cleaning solutions. It is UL ® recognized Std 94 V-0/5V.
Kydex can be machined, sawed and drilled with wood or metal tools. Bonds extreemly well to itself, ABS, PVC and many other materials with standard vinyl cements or solvents. Can be painted. Highly Formable.
* Hair Cell Texture one side
* http:// /Products/TexturesAndColors.asp
Mass Transit vehicle and RV interiors
FAR 25.853 (a) 60s, 12s (Aircraft Rating)
MVSS 302 (Mass Transit Rating)
ASTM E-162 Flame Spread Index (Mass Transit Rating)

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