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(20) size 202 o-rings, 1/4" id x 1/2" od, buna orings

What is for sale: (20) size 202 o-rings, 1/4" id x 1/2" od, buna orings

This sale is for a package of 20 pieces of o-ring part# 202 BN70. They are made of 70 durometer Buna-N (nitrile) rubber. These are your standard black o-rings that you see everywhere.
Standard Nitrile is also known as Buna-N. Excellent resistance to petroleum-based oils and fuels, water and alcohols. Nitrile also has good resistance to acids and bases, except those with a strong oxidizing effect.
Temperature Range: –55° to 120°C (–65° to 248°F)
Please note that the photo is for reference only and not a photo of the actual parts you will receive. It seemed silly to take photos of each individual part as there are hundreds of different size variations and it would have taken days to photograph them individually.
Actual ID in inches = .234" (+/-.005")
Actual Cross Section in inches = .139" (+/-.004")
Actual ID in millimeters = 5.94 (+/-.13)
Actual Cross Section in millimeters = 3.53 (+/-0.10)
We have literally thousands of bearings available. All of them are NEW. We do NOT carry "seconds" or used bearings.
CLICK HERE for a COMPLETE LIST of the standard bearings I carry.
If you are having trouble locating the part# or size that you need, just ask. We probably have it, or can get it.

Contact: (Miguel Kirby) (email hidden).

(20) size 202 o-rings, 1/4