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Dual 12" ultra bright blue cold cathode light ccfl kit

What is for sale: Dual 12" ultra bright blue cold cathode light ccfl kit

Forget traditional neon - cold cathodes offer a stronger glow for your car lighting design, but at a fraction of the cost of the standard neon lighting kit. These amazing kits include two cathode tubes, and a dual output transformer to make them run like a dream.
Easy to install and packing a punch that you won't expect, these dual cathode lighting kits come in a super bright 12-inch length.
Each tube consists of glass contained inside a protective acrylic tube, and is guaranteed not to break unless the surface they're mounted to flexes and bends. This amazing, inexpensive lighting option features standard polarity protection, for added protection against burn-out. The transformer is housed in a 3.25" x 1" x 0.75" black plastic safety housing.
Hook your cold cathodes up to our switches for an even better effect, and you can have the entire package, ready to install, for under $10!
Create the sort of custom glow that your neighbors will be talking about â?? get stuck into the range of cathodes today!
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Interior: Purple cathodes, Underbody: Inferno Kit
Don't drive over the transformer
Cool blue cathode interior foot well lighting combined with additional blue LED illumination equals 100% bliss...
Cathodes, installed beneath the dash, really light up the interior. Each side is lit with a single 12" tube...
Two cathodes in hood scoop, and two cathodes above front mount intercooler.
2 Blue 12" cold cathodes lighting the passenger area. and 2 blue 4" cold cathodes lighting the trunk.
4" cathodes and 5mm green leds in my Xbox360
Allen's golf cart we use to get around with at the Lakes.
Grille Using 2 sets of Cathodes
Dual Cold Cathodes in my 05' Scion tC.
One White cathode under the front of the seat and one green one under the back
White Cathodes under the front of the seat and LED's in the cupholders
Green Cathodes in the footwells and White under the seat and LED's in the cupholders
Green Cathodes in the footwells and White under the seat and LED's in the map pockets and Cupholders
One green cathode and one white cathode mounted to the bottom of a couch.
One last shot of the under-hood cathodes.
Another shot of the under hood cathodes, perfect product for this use!
3 LED's behind the tank pressure gauge in the center console along with 2 pair of cold cathodes and 12 LED's in the passenger side foot well of the Impala.
Under the hood is lit with 4 pair of cold cathodes, have been installed for two years and I have had ZERO problems. The tubes mounted to the underside of the hood directly above the engine have melted and taken shape with the hoods body lines, but the cathodes still work like new.
Red cathodes seen in the rear window are set to blink opposite of the rear strobing LED's, and again no issues whatsoever even with them flashing on and off for hours on end.
i won my first trophy at my first night show, i had the aww of the crowd.
interrior with 4" cold cathodes in the oh sh*t handles..
lights front and back 5mm, and i have the lights in the wheels wells, the 9" strip.
Purple Cold Cathodes On Drivers Side of Scion tC.
Interior Of Scion tC Purple Cathodes Mounted On The Headliner.
Purple Cold Cathodes In Upper And Lower Grill Of Scion tC.
Cathode UB - 2 tubes each side
Blue and green cathode UB, 2 tubes on each side.
Flowlighting Colf Cathode kit Underbody Prewired LED's
This must be the first Cathode kit I've purchased where both tubes actually worked, without having to RMA or ask for a replacement ;-)
I planned on putting one cathode under each side of the dash and one in each door pocket in my 2000 I was directed here by some people on and bought two 12'' dual set's and two extra transformers and some led rocker switches. I was worried I might need two cathodes under each side of the dash but don't be worried by pictures that don't look bright. One tube will do it's job's all in how you mount it. Most pictures I saw, the people are cutting off about 80 degrees of the light by mounting the tubes actually up in the dash...they should be out from the dash a little bit to get the full effect which is awesome...Have not installed yet but have played around with a 9v battery to see where they will look good and I am totally pleased.
These cathodes could not be any easier to install, and the outcome is an awesome illumination that is destin to draw in crowds..A+
These lights are soo bright and give of almost no heat. Wicked easy to hook up. Just got to take care when putting them in. Be sure not to strain them or bend them or they will snap very easily. Between the 4" and the 12" they can be mounted anywhere. Awsome product!
After a little more use of the cathodes, I'd still say they aren't quite true to their colors, but the brightness and spread of light makes them worth using. Wouldn't recommend them for a single color application unless you use just cathodes, no LEDs. The blue is more electric blue, the green looks radioactive, the red still looks pink to me, the white is a neutral white and looks great, orange cream isn't so orange, and the rest of the colors I haven't tested out but purple and pink will be soon to come. By far my favorite of the cathodes are the UV range. They look pointless and dim until installed, then they throw the UV effect all over the place. It's impossible to locate them unless you know because they don't give off anything really from the tube. It's quite an impressive effect. Overall these are one of the best items on Oz, mainly for their brightness, spread of light, and cheap price. Recommend them all but red :P
i got the cathode kits installed and im not really someone posted already:
"Despite that they weren't the true blue color I was looking for. Standalone you probably wouldn't notice, but compared with some LEDs they were nowhere close"
i feel the same.. i have (royal) blue dome lights, but the cold cathode kit is PUPRLE compared to the royal blue dome lights...
I just wanted to say how great this company is. I ordered a couple sets of cold cathodes a couple of weeks ago, much like i have done in the past. After i hooked everything up, i noticed that none of the bulbs were actually working. they were actually defective bulbs. I called up and explained the situation to Jason, and he rectified it immediatley. He sent me new bulbs without question. I love a company that stands behind their products!! What a pleasure to deal with. I will continue to order all my lightning needs from Oznium. Thanks guys!
2 4 inch tubes on each side under the dash. Fine on the right but on the drivers side where you have to mount them 2 feet high you wish they were brighter haha, but a 12 inch tube wont go up there so you take what you can get. Overall very tube went out and a new one was sent promptly. A+
Awesome product, I was scared the 4" kit wouldn't give enough light for under the dash. Boy was I wrong. The white lights look like daytime in my floorboard. Can't wait to install my other 4" and 12" kit on the exterior of my car tomorrow.
Well I wasn't extremely satsfied. I'm sure it was my awesome wiring skills, but they fizzled out less than a minute after installation. Despite that they weren't the true red color I was looking for. Standalone you probably wouldn't notice, but compared with some LEDs they were nowhere close. Plus side they were quite bright as a neon alternative.
Bought a set of the 4 inch cathodes.Put them in my scooters engine area. Lights it up just right! The installation was simple.My better half wants the inside of her car done now.I highly recommend the cathodes!
The tubes or so much brighter then my old existing neon tubes. There perfect and super easy to install. Amazing
Ordered 2 12" cathode kits and two tubes came in broken, so i emailed oznium got a quick reply and a couple days later here are two more tubes.
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