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"airfloat" (4) lift glide air skids capacity 10,000 lbs

What is for sale: "airfloat" (4) lift glide air skids capacity 10,000 lbs

Designed to attach to wheel carts. This product provides the benefits of wheels for long
distance travel and air bearings for final positioning.
Lift Glide Air Skids capacity: 10,000 lbs
Lift Glide Air Skid Stroke: 3" (when installed 1" above floor, net lift will be 2 1/2" with Air Bearing inflated)
Air requirements: 60 PSI @ 45-70 SCFM, depending on floor surface conditions
Unit includes the following features:
Constructed from welded structural steel shapes.
Painted with Airfloat Safety Orange air dry enamel.
High-performance air bearings.
Slide-out tray mounted air bearings allow the air bearings to be pulled out from the side
without removing the load or seal for maximum strength
Specially developed air stroke actuators
Control Assembly with valves for operation of lifter and air bearings
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list price 5,500.00 for this set.
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