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Metric oring assortment buna

What is for sale: Metric oring assortment buna

O Ring Assortment Metric Buna # OR-651
Material: 70 Durometer Buna - N, Plastic Case
ROW 1 Sizes 3x1.5 20pc, 5x1.5 20pc, 7x1.5 20pc, 9x1.5 20pc, 11x1.5 20pc
ROW 2 Sizes 6x2 20pc, 8x2 20pc, 10x2 20pc, 12x2 20pc, 14x2 20pc
ROW 3 Sizes 6.3x2.5 15pc, 8.3x2.4 20pc, 11.3x2.4 15pc, 13.3x2.4 15pc, 17.3x2.4 15pc
ROW 4 Sizes 5x2.5 15pc, 7x2.5 15pc, 10x2.5 15pc, 12x2.5 15pc, 15x2.5 15pc
ROW 5 Sizes 10x3 10pc, 12x3 10pc, 14x3 10pc, 16x3 10pc, 18x3 10pc
ROW 6 Sizes 20.2x3 5pc, 22.2x3 5pc, 24.2x3 5pc, 26.2x3 5pc 30.2x3 5pc
Our firm has been importing & distributing metric industrial tools and fasteners for more than 42 years. The item listed in this store is first quality material that either we simply have too much of in our inventory or has been purged from our standard product line.

Contact: (Francisco Ashley) (email hidden).

Metric oring assortment buna Metric oring assortment buna