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Bar of 0-1 tool steel 1/2" x 4"

What is for sale: Bar of 0-1 tool steel 1/2" x 4"

This is a bar of 0-1 tool steel that measures .500" x 4" x 2.750" . I have quite a few small pieces of this material , so if you need a small piece ask and i will see what i have . Most of the pieces are Stentor , Starrett or Brown & Sharpe . Almost all of it like this piece do have some surface rust on them .
* CHARACTERISTICS - O1 is an oil-hardening, non-deforming tool steel which can be hardened at relatively low temperatures. Tools and dies made from O-1 will have good wearing qualities since the tungsten and higher chromium content gives improved wear resistance over the straight manganese grades.
* WORKABILITY - - Machinability is high. Grindability is high.
* APPLICATIONS - Blanking Dies, Bushings, Forming Dies, Master Tools, Forming Rolls, Guages, Trim Dies

Contact: (Maryellen Lambert) (email hidden).

Bar of 0-1 tool steel 1/2