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Honeywell 1/2" ignition smart valve control SV9520H8042

What is for sale: Honeywell 1/2" ignition smart valve control SV9520H8042

Honeywell 1/2" x 1/2" NPT Direct Hot Surface Ignition SmartValve™ Control
These units sell for over $170.00 street price and we are selling it at only $75.00 don't miss this one!
1/2 inch NPT x 1/2 inch NPT Direct Hot Surface Ignition SmartValve™ Control with fast-slow opening and 3.2 in. wc pressure regulator setting
The SV9520 SmartValve™ System Controls combine gas flow control and electronic direct main burner ignition sequencing functions into a single unit. The ignition source is 120V hot surface igniter lighting the main burner flame. Provides all gas ignition safety functions by controlling gas flow, ignition source, and a 120 Vac combustion air blower. The control also monitors the appliance airflow proving switch circuit and limit string to assure proper appliance operation. The SmartValve™ System Controls provide prepurge, postpurge and timed trial for ignition with multiple ignition trials and auto reset from lockout. Diagnostic LED indicates system status.
* The control communicates directly with the ST9160 Electronic Fan Timer (EFT) in typical forced warm air furnace applications
* It will also interface with the 208907 Terminal Board, providing compatibility with power-stealing thermostats. Or, it directly interfaces with the appropriate power supplies and a system thermostat for additional appliance applications.
* When controlled directly by a thermostat, the control does not provide a postpurge function, as power to the control is removed when the thermostat call for heat ends.
* This system is suitable for a wide range of fan-assisted combustion, gas-fired appliances including furnaces, rooftop furnaces, boilers, unit heaters, infrared heaters, water heaters and commercial cooking appliances.
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